Nitya Havan Cup Lavender


  • Package content of Havan Cup Lavender- 12 Havan Cup Lavender/Sambrani Cups and Stand
  • Burning Time- Enjoy the divine aroma of these cow dung cups that burn for 15-20 minutes, filling your abode with their pleasant fragrance.
  • Cow Dung Cups- Start your mornings by burning these divine cow dung havan cups at home, as their pleasant fragrance helps remove negative vibes and purify your surroundings.
  • These long-lasting Havan Cups/Sambrani Cups offer a sweet and natural aroma without any charcoal or bamboo, making them a great air freshener option.
  • To ensure safety, keep the burning cone away from flammable objects and ensure that the ashes fall only on a heat-resistant and fireproof surface. It is important to keep the Havan Cup Lavender out of reach of children and avoid ingestion.